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Debra Mercora is a NJ-based superintendent with years of experience in the education field. Over the course of her career, Debra has participated in grant writing and has made it a point to contribute to positive educational environments for students with diverse learning goals and individual needs. In addition, Debra has been a part of numerous fundraising efforts for her district, with her program in Neptune City standing out as a collaborator of the Jester & Pharley Fund. The Jester & Pharley Fund is a nonprofit organization that works with disenfranchised children and those with chronic health conditions to improve literacy and access to opportunities.

Through her career in education, Debra Mercora has built a reptation for her commitment to student and staff and has maintained goals to improve learning outcomes through effective, comprehensive, and equitable programming. Debra is known within the education space for her willingness to teach, patience, empathy, and continuous efforts to refine systems to better support young people as they strive to reach learning goals. A board-approved reading specialist, Debra is extremely passionate about breaking down barriers for children to improve literacy skills that will serve them in their educational experiences and beyond.

Debra Mercora of NJ remains active within her community and enjoys a variety of activities in her free time. Debra enjoys Irish Dance, is a member of the Elks Organization, and volunteers with local animal rescue groups.

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Debra Mercora Superintendent NJ

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Project Based Learning/ Makerspaces

Project based learning and makerspaces are excellent ways for students to build skills in collaborative and hands-on ways. In Debra Mercora’s work as a superintendent, she is a proponent of project based learning and makerspaces for the wide range of benefits that they provide for educational environments. That being said, content on makerspaces and project based learning featured on this site hope to provide information linked to their value in school settings, how they can best be facilitated, and encouraging students to experiment.

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Debra Mercora Superintendent NJ

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Irish Dancing

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